No… this is not a bow in my hair!

Biewer Terrier puppy


Hi, my name is Emry and I just wanted you to know that no… this is not a bow in my hair!  It’s tape… and because the tape is green, some people think it’s a bow, but it’s not.  It’s wrapped around my ears to give them more support while the cartilage in my ears is being formed.  I’m so embarrassed my mommy did this to me so I’m trying to hide.  OK… that’s not really why I’m in this blanket, I really like playing in here, it’s fun!

This is the second time I had to have tape on my ears.  For some reason my ears didn’t want to go up on their own, no matter how hard I tried to get them to stand up!  So one day, here came mommy with that ugly green tape.  I wasn’t sure at first what she was going to do with that stuff, but I found out soon enough!  I’m not crazy about this tape, but if it helps my ears stand up, it will be worth it.  I’m trying my hardest not to itch at it too much so the tape stays strong.  Else I’ll have to have it changed, and I don’t like that part to much.  But I don’t think I’ll have to have it on too much longer, I think I heard mommy say I’d only have to have it on a few more days.

I think I’m a pretty handsome fellow already, but having my ears stand up will make me even more handsome.  I think I even heard the word “STUD” being used…. 🙂

© July 5, 2012 – PupJoy


About PupJoy Biewer Terriers

Breeder of Biewer Terriers
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