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Fancee with Puppies

Fancee had her puppies, 2 boys and 1 girl, on Friday September 2nd.  Thankfully, this delivery was like clockwork.  Boy number one arrived first, then our little girl, followed by boy number 2.  Fancee is such a good mom, she takes wonderful care of her little ones.  This photo was taken shortly after she had her puppies.  While puppies get their nourishment, mom gets some much needed rest.  Come to think of it, I think I did too.  🙂

Biewer Terrier Cami and her Puppies

Camie with Puppies

Cami had her puppies on September 15th.  Cami had one boy and one girl, and I’m glad to say they are all doing well too.  I was a little worried about Cami since she is only 4 pounds, and this was her first litter.  But she did great.  And she took to being a mom right away.  It’s quiet something to watch the moms interact with their puppies when they are born.  At first I don’t think they understand what’s happening.  But as you watch, you can actually see their instincts kick in as they start grooming their little gifts of life.

It was rather comical when I brought Cami and her puppies into the room where Fancee was with her puppies.  Once Fancee heard the little noises coming from Cami’s puppies, she shot out of her whelping box and went right in by Cami.  She wanted to take care of Cami’s puppies too!  She could hardly stand it, not being able to take care of them.  But Cami wasn’t having any of it, they were her puppies and she let Fancee know it.  So side by side the girls are taking care of their puppies.  I think they like the companionship they have, both taking care of puppies at the same time.

Fancee’s puppies are already over two weeks old, boy the time goes fast.  Their eyes are open and they are moving around more every day.  It won’t be long and we’ll be transferring them over to the play-pen.  Cami’s litter won’t be far behind.

© PupJoy – September 21, 2011

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